PLACE-EE Project Outputs

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Output T1.1.1 - A mapping tool for assessing community resources and engagement.

We will develop a Mapping and Assessment tool to gather data on community service provision and assets: this will permit the collection of data on barriers and facilitators of efficient delivery of e-health care and social inclusion for older people. These include an assessment of (a) available but underused community resources – e.g. libraries and educational facilities; voluntary sector organisations and assets; (b) survey of current health and social needs related to older people and e-health and public services; (c) local contexts and mechanisms for health services.


Output T1.2.1 - Good Practice Guidelines on developing community coalitions for older citizens in remote, sparsely populated areas.

Transfer of knowledge and learning: Creating a model for building community coalitions on the health and social needs of older, isolated citizens. We will create good practice guidelines on the establishment of community coalitions in NPA regions, of voluntary sector organization, particularly older people’s services, health and public services and where relevant, Faith-based organisations.


Output T1.3.1 - Development of an arts based Model to assess the needs and assets of older and isolated people

Transfer of knowledge and learning: We will provide a toolkit for creative arts facilitated workshops for obtaining the personal, social and health needs of older, isolated people and eliciting their cultural skills, knowledge assets.


Output T2.1.1 - Development of an educational tool for school aged young people on the health and social needs and assets of older citizens.

Using the material developed by older people and recorded by the Arts Facilitator in WP3 we will develop an educational tool that will assist in this and future Intergenerational Exchange projects. In this project it will inform school aged young people on the health and social needs and assets of older citizens; however, it will have a potentially wider application for health and social care professionals.


Output T2.2.1 - Development of a toolkit for setting up Intergenerational Skills Exchange projects that address older people's needs with regards to ICT skills and internet use.

Although other toolkits for Intergenerational Exchange are available and are extremely helpful, these tend to be generic in nature. Our project is intended specifically to assist older people with ICT skills in preparation for e-health programmes.


Output T3.1.1 - A transnational on-line Archive of cultural heritage, knowledge and skills created by older participants.

In each demonstrator site we will identify and record a range of local cultural heritage transnational on-line Archive of cultural heritage created by older participants: (e.g. traditional crafts, music, cooking, photographs). These heritage outputs are important for self and community esteem, and they have potential for commercial development. An on-line archive of such activities and outputs will create intra-national interest but it is also intended to create a focus for continued engagement between the communities and the partners.



Engaging and Empowering Citizens: Reports

Output T3.1.1 Transnational Cultural Heritage Archive

The Transnational Cultural Heritage Archive is a unique archive containing a wealth of material relating to cultural heritage in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Sweden and Iceland.  Created by older and younger participants in intergenerational workshops you can search the archive in several ways.   The Utube video below presents the background to the Archive and how to use it or you can go directly to the Archive website using the link above.