Final Intergenerational Workshops in Sweden

Our partners and participants in Skellefteå enjoy their final intergenerational workshop.

Gathering Archive Material in Iceland

Participants in Fjarðabyggð collect some interesting material to share on the cultural archive.

Sharing Heritage in Iceland

Participants in Fjarðabyggð keep their memories, culture and heritage alive for the next generation. We even had a champion swimmer in our group!

Discussing Technology in Iceland

Participants in Fjarðabyggð enjoy discussions around how ICT can help them in their day to day lives.

Age Friendly Engagement Awards, Limerick - May 2019


PLACE-EE student volunteers are recognised for their achievements at the Age Friendly Engagement Awards in Limerick.  

Åsele Senior-IT Group Researching Content for the Cultural Archive - May 2019

Our senior-IT group in Åsele, Sweden, enjoyed their visit to Hembygdsområdet, researching cultural history for the PLACE-EE archive. 

Intergenerational Virtual Reality in Skellefteå - May 2019

The generations have come together to test Virtual Reality in Skellefteå.

Full Certificate Presentation in Limerick - Slideshow

Letters of Thanks - Limerick April 2019

What a lovely idea: PLACE-EE student volunteers have written thank you letters for the older participants who they were paired with during workshops. A very thoughtful and memorable token. 

Participant Engagament in Sweden - April 2019

PLACE-EE volunteer Irene tries out new Virtual Reality (VR) equipment before the next workshop in Skellefteå, northern Sweden.

Intergenerational Workshops Conclude in Fjarðabyggð - April 2019

This has been a very educational experience for PLACE-EE participants. Lots of positive discoveries for both ages such as new apps and old family history, and all have made new friends throughout.

Certificate Presentation in Limerick - April 2019


PLACE-EE participants each received their certificates of completion following the final intergenerational workshop in Limerick.

Final Intergenerational Workshop in Limerick - April 2019


PLACE-EE participants showed their enthusiasm and commitment in the final intergenerational workshop in Limerick.

Intergenerational Workshops continue in Skellefteå - April 2019

Our younger participants have been showing elders citizens how to get the most out of their tablets and smartphones during the most recent workshops.

Intergenerational Workshops in Tyrone, Northern Ireland - April 2019

PLACE-EE participants enjoyed the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Genealogy course in Dromore, County Tyrone.

Intergenerational Workshops begin in Skellefteå


Young people have come together to assist older citizens in improving their IT skills. Elders were quickly learning about different social media platforms and how to sort apps on their smart phones during the first intergenerational workshops. 

Intergenerational Workshops continue in Limerick - March 2019

Participants continue to gather content and share skills during intergenerational workshops.

Gathering Content for Cultural Archive during Intergenerational Workshops in Limerick - March 2019

The cultural archive is starting to take shape, thanks to our enthusiastic participants. Our students have been fantastic in teaching their older partners how to use web browsers.

Intergenerational Workshops in Limerick Continue - March 2019

Our groups have been focusing on intergenerational exchange of ICT knowledge and have been gathering material for the online archive.

Intergenerational Workshop in Limerick - February 2019

The first of our intergenerational workshops has taken place in Newcastlewest. This fantastic workshop provided an opportunity for older and younger citizens to meet and learn from each other and to bridge the divide between generations.

Intergenerational Workshops in Fermanagh and Omagh District Council - February 2019

Our intergenerational workshops have started in Beleek. Everyone felt very welcome at St Mary's school, Brollagh.

Workshop Four with Older Citizens in Limerick - February 2019

We had a great turnout at this workshop, during which discussions focused on how a cultural archive will enable the group to curate their stories and ensure that all manner of artefacts and memories will be safely stored online for future generations.   

Workshop Three with Older Citizens in Limerick - February 2019

Older people in Limerick had a great time sharing stories, photos, memories and local knowledge. 

Initial Workshops with Younger Citizens in Limerick - February 2019


Fantastic initial workshops with school children from Desmond College, Limerick. Discussions centered around young people's attitudes to older people, technology and more!

Initial Workshops in Fjarðabyggð - February 2019


Older participants in Fjarðabyggð, Iceland have now met with a lovely group of younger people twice, and everyone is learning new things on our devices. Everyone is enjoying each others company and the workshops have been taken to another level by coffee and the homemade baked goods from our older participants!

IT-Senior Group in Åsele - February 2019

Bi-weekly meetings have continued with our "Senior-IT" group in Åsele, hosted by associate partner Åsele kommun in the town library. In recent meetings, our elderly group members have continued to collect materials about 'the old days' when they were young, mostly by writing stories but also recording the spoken word, often in the local dialect. How Christmas used to be celebrated when they were young was a popular topic.

At one meeting they also had the opportunity to try out Virtual Reality, but they were not very impressed. The main criticism was that the content was not very interesting, although they could see some potential for visiting famous places without leaving home.

At Umeå University, work has continued to implement the website to be used for the Transnational Cultural Archive. The first version is expected to be released soon and will allow the various regional groups and individuals to upload their own cultural materials in a variety of forms, as well as browse what others have contributed.

For more information on the Q-Life Research Group, please visit:

Workshop Two with Older Citizens in Limerick - January 2019


We had a fantastic group at the second PLACE-EE workshop in Limerick. Learning new skills, interesting discussions and debates. 

Initial Workshop with Older Citizens in Limerick - January 2019


There was an amazing turn out at Limerick's first PLACE-EE workshop, which focused on discussions around loneliness and social exclusion.

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Intergenerational Genealogy Workshops - October 2018


Young and older participants have been working together to get to grips with technology and research their family history in Derrylin and Trillick.  

Asele IT Elderly Group - December 2017

This group meets in Åsele library.  Some of them are working on writing personal histories about everyday life when they were young and they are all planning to create an oral archive about Christmas when they were young, which will be spoken recordings in the local dialect.