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  • Transnational Cultural Heritage Archive - link to archive and short video
  • Recording of PLACE-EE Webinar.  Digital Archiving of cultural heritage: The involvement of older people and intergenerational approaches
  • Recording of PLACE-EE Podcast.  Technology, older people and ehealth
  • Summary powerpoint about PLACE-EE
  • Summary Factsheet about PLACE-EE
  • NI Experience in Transnational Programmes
  • PLACE-EE Newsletters
  • PLACE-EE Blog from Hackathon 24 Jan 2020
  • Photographs from PLACE-EE Launch

PLACE-EE Transnational Cultural Heritage Archive

This short video explains the background to the Transnational Cultural Heritage Archive and how to use it.  You can go directly to the Archive here.

PLACE-EE Webinar. Digital Archiving of Cultural Heritage: The involvement of older people and intergenerational approaches

PLACE-EE (Platforms for Ageing Community Engagement – Exchange and Enterprise) has researched, collated and recorded important cultural heritage across 4 rural and isolated regions of Europe (NI, Ireland, Iceland, and Sweden). Professor Gerry Leavey from Ulster University presents the PLACE-EE project and how it worked in an intergenerational way to create a unique archive, and older participants from each region will comment on their experience of being involved. Guest speakers: Vicki Titterington, Linking Generations NI, talks about how an intergenerational approach worked in PLACE-EE and how such work can continue in the current COVID times. Lynsey Gillespie, Public Record Office NI, talks about digital archiving of cultural heritage and involving older people with reference to Making the Future project. Roger O’Sullivan, Institute of Public Health Ireland gave the closing comments.

Webinar recording: 

PLACE-EE podcast: Technology, older people and ehealth

PLACE-EE Platforms for Ageing Community Engagement - Exchange and Enterprise has worked to improve and support older people living in isolated and rural areas of Europe through developing their technology skills. In this podcast Professor Gerry Leavey, Ulster University, explains how PLACE-EE worked and what older people said they need in relation to IT. Colette Leeson, Department of Finance Northern Ireland and Director - Digital NI Enabling Programme shares what government are doing to help improve older peoples skills so that they can access services. Sylvia McCarthy, Age Friendly Ireland describes their work and presents some of the programmes they have initiated with older people across Ireland. In this COVID time improving access to and confidence with IT will be essential to helping older people feel less isolated and ensuring they can access health and other services. 


PLACE-EE Powerpoint video

PLACE-EE Factsheet April 2020

The Northern Ireland Experience in Transnational Programmes

(See pages 10-11)

PLACE-EE Newsletters

Blog from Hackaton 24 January 2020

Making Connections, Addressing Needs: making life better for older citizens in rural and isolated areas.

Hackathon Blog 

Photos from the PLACE-EE Launch